Our Technology
We stand committed to invent and utilize the most powerful, cutting-edge technologies that beat state of the art, and achieve the impossible. Being a team driven by love for high-tech, we invest majority of our time competing with each other to craft software that can make world a better place.
Artificial Intelligence
Kepler, our proprietary Artificial Intelligence keeps your business alive while you go to sleep. From training your staff to maintaining productivity, he makes sure that all divisions of your company are functioning to their maximum potential. Kepler detects anomalies and peculiarities of input, user activity, and automatically creates reports and analytics so that you see information that you previously could have overlooked.
User-Interface based on Psychology
We humans have grown to expect computer program certain to behave a certain way, and to respond in a certain way to your input. We at Bysness have invested our time to understand the fundamentals of user-experience and designing our ERP software to behave in the most intuitive ways.
Data Awareness
Each bone and muscle of our ERP system understands the kind of data it receives from you. This way it adjust its way of storing and presenting it. It works in the most subtle ways imaginable, but once you get a hang of it, you won't like without it.
Solid Product Base
We have put 10 years of our hard earned engineering and automation experience into the base that holds Bysness ERP on its pillars. With it, you can be assured that from data security, data integrity, speed of operation, and quality of experience will be unmatched compared to any other solution in the market.
Bysness ERP not only runs on the Web, but also Android and iOS devices. This gives you the convenience of using the software when and how you wish. Bysness ERP comes in the form factors of web-based application as well as native apps.
Since the last decade, encryption has evolved beyond firewalls and password-protection. We use top-class hashing techniques like BCrypt, SCrypt that allows us to hash any strings without storing a predictable salt into a database. These techniques exponentially increase the time required to find a protected password by bruteforce. We further add encrypted network channels between the components of the application using TLS. In our experience, we have also worked on DRM (Digital Rights Management) to encrypt video and audio content that touches consumer devices.
Scalability of our solutins is very important to us. We make sure that our architectures use automation to scale up and scale down as per demand in order to save costs on reserve workloads. Today, we have horizontal scaling techniques in which, a database is divided over several medium-grade machines to offer high availability rather than scaling vertically and risking single point of failures.
Data privacy is the most important indicator of a brand's trust. Everyone including the management to the customers are concerned about the privacy of their data. This is ensured by proper data rights management, and encryption of a businesses' critical data. Block-encryption techniques help ensure that data is transmitted only to the intended parties. Our team also follows strict guidelines of data governance. We also separate development and production environments so that our development teams don't have to see customer data.
Finances of a company are best utilized by spending wisely. We understand that software can be expensive. Hence, we work hard to find clever solutions that deliver the most value through innovation as opposed to conventional solutions. We also keep the management of your business well informed about the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). This guarantees zero hidden costs over time.
We ensure that proper training is provided to the target users using our solution. This is generally done by conducting webinars and inviting the target group to attend the webinars. We also provide demo videos for future taget users to be able to learn without having to attend webinars.
Jobchain is our beloved product that automates operations in the Logistics - Customs Clearance industry. JobChain does something that has been previously impossible: know the history and predict the future of all of your imports and exports.
iCortex is our cutting-edge, experimental platform that acts as an operating system for the visually disabled and impaired. iCortex allows them to reach their full brain potential.